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Catnyx India Private Limited providing Amazon & Flip-kart Seller Services for all the Sellers, Re-seller, Manufacturer and all others those who wish to sell their product online. We help our sellers by providing step by step process to reach the maximum number of buyers. Our experienced team work continuously and monitor your seller central account regularly and provide you with all the updates. As a Professional Service Provider, We will help you with everything you need to be a successful Amazon Seller. By providing a professional shoot of products, Best Catalog Design, a separate website for your branding, G.S.T registration to transporting them to Amazon fulfillment warehouse, We will help you with every step of selling products online.

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Amazon Seller Central Account Setup

If you are facing issues setting up your Amazon Seller Central account then get it done by us in the right way. We help our sellers to get register on amazon seller central, Providing step by step process as well as helping our clients to get all the necessary and essential documents to get them register. e.g. G.s.t Number, Pan Card, Trademark, etc…

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Amazon Product Listing Optimization

To reach the maximum number of buyers organically we provide SEO friendly content by adding relevant Keywords, Title, Description, etc which will make the listing more effective and the optimization of product listing is important so that it can boost client organic traffic and rankings and thus converting in sales.

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Amazon Sponsored Ads

As our experienced team work on Amazon Sponsored AdWords, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads Campaigning, Tiktok Ads, Ads on YouTube professionally and we will handle all your campaigns by adding the relevant keywords according to its product description. The best and relevant Pay Per Click strategy will be done on your products that generated leads and leads to sales.

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Amazon Brand Registry

We help our sellers to get register their brand on Amazon, Providing step by step process as well as helping our clients to get all the necessary and essential documents to get their brand register. e.g. G.s.t Number,  Trademark, etc…., Action will be taken immediately if any other seller tries to list the product in our brand without approval.

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Order Management

Managing orders will be our priority Giving customers the best shopping experience. Returns, Refunds, Reports will also be managed along with processing the orders.

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FBA Amazon

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a smart and cost-effective way to ship your products. With Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers (FCs) and Amazon will pack and deliver the orders to customers, provide customer service and handle returns.

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Amazon Product Listing

Listing the products on Amazon according to its relevant category and by providing all the necessary product specific information such as Title,  description content, SKU, bullet points, product ID type, search terms, and other attributes will be done and can list multiple products of your catalog by bulk listing.

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Managing Case Logs

As our team will work for your seller central account regularly and provide you with all the updates regarding any new case generated like Category Approval, GTIN Exemption, Brand Approval, etc.

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Account Health Management

Our team work 24*7  to monitoring your account and overall performance and other parameters of your Amazon Seller Central  Account to make sure it always up to Amazon standards.

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Inventory Management

Our team will monitor and get update you about the inventory SKU’s, out of stock products, high selling products and the common issues of inventory will also be resolved.

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If clients want to give an extra discount to their customers by providing Coupons on Money Off, Percent Off, Free Shipping, Buy one Get one. Different Promotions will be run according to the Promotion Strategy discuss with you.


Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Providing the best  Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) generally that allows the brand owners to modify the product description part of the branded ASINs. Adding EBC to the product detail pages can result in increased traffic and sales with higher conversion rates.

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