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5 Stages of Website Development Process

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    Anyhow of the customary way of thinking, the centre piece of website development Process and configuration is not needed for the coding system. For sure, similar inventions as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript give the web its shape and characterize the manner in which we connect with the data. Yet, what as a rule stays in the background and, simultaneously, remains the urgent piece of the website development life cycle are the phases of fundamental data gathering, itemized arranging, and post-send out support. In this blog, then are the five primary stages of web development.

    1) Gathering information

    2) Arranging,

    3) Design,

    4) Content Writing and Assembly,

    5) Testing, Audit and Launch

    1. Gathering Information:

    The phase of finding and exploring decides how the replacement advances will look. The main task right now is to get a reasonable understanding of the effects to come, the boosts behind your website, the primary objects you wish to negotiate, and the ideal interest group you need to draw on your webpage. Such a website development process bean assists with fostering the best system for fresh chances on the board.

    The news entry varies from the amusement websites, and online means for teens appear to be unique compared to destinations for grown-ups. Various kinds of websites give guests different utilities, and that implies that various inventions ought to be used for various purposes. A veritably detailed and point-by-point plan in view of this pre-development information can guard you against spending another means on attacking unexpected issues, for illustration, plan changes, or adding utility that was not primarily planned.

    2. Planning:

    At this phase of the website development cycle, the mastermind creates the information that permits a customer to decide how the whole webpage will appear.

    A sitemap was made in view of the data that had been assembled at this stage. Then’s the sitemap of the XB Programming website
    The sitemap ought to depict the connections between the primary regions of your website. Such a description could help with understanding how usable the end result will be. It can show you the “relationship” between the various pages of a website, so you can decide how simple it’ll be for the end-customer to track down the necessary data or administration on the off chance that he begins from the beginning page. The top explanation for the sitemap’s creation is to fabricate an easy-to-use and simple-to-explore website.

    The sitemap permits you to comprehend how the inward construction of a website seems to be but does not portray the UI. At times, before you begin to code or try and work on a plan, there is a need to get signature from a customer that all that looks fine so you can start the ensuing period of creating. For this situation, a wireframe or model is made. A wireframe is a visual sketch of the UI that you’ll make. still, it contains no plan factors like tones, logos, and so on. It just depicts the factors that will be added to the page and their area. It’s an improvised and modestly underwritten sketch.

    3. Design:

    During the planning stage, your website comes to a realization. All the visual substance, like movies, photos, and recordings, is made at this step. Yet again, all the data that was accumulated through the main stage is significant. The customer and interest group should be flashed back while you work on a plan.

    The website format is the consequence of a Weblog’s work. It veritably well may be a realistic sketch or a genuine visual communication. The essential capability of the format is to address the data structure, image the substance, and display the beginning utility. Designs contain colors, trademarks, movies and can give a general understanding representing effects to come items.
    From that point forward, the customer can survey the design and send you, his input. In the event that the customer is not certain about certain parts of your plan, you ought to change the design and send it back to him. This cycle ought to be rehashed until the customer is completely fulfilled.

    4. Content Writing and Assembly

    Content composition and accumulation naturally cover different phases of website creation, and their job cannot be underrated. At this step, it’s important to precisely record the quintessence you might want to convey to the crowd on your website and add assignations to take action. Content composing also includes the products of getting titles, content editing, composing a new textbook, arranging the current textbook, and so on, which take time and exertion. When in mistrust, the customer attempts to give website content prepared to dislocate to the webpage. It’s better when all website content is handed over beforehand or during website coding.

    5. Testing, Review, and Launch

    Testing is likely the most normal piece of a cycle. Each and every connection ought to be tried to ensure that there are no meddled-up ones among them. You ought to check each structure, each piece of content, and run a real spell check on the programming to track down possible errors. Use code validators to check, assuming your code follows the ongoing Web guidelines. Substantial law is essential, for case, if cross-program similarity is vital for you.

    After you check and really look at your website formerly again, now is the right time to transfer it to a server. An FTP (Document Move Convention) program is utilized for that reason. After you transferred the records, you ought to run one further, final test to be certain that every one of your documents has been introduced directly

    Web design and development

    Web design and development is a marquee term that portrays the forms involved in making a website. Like the name suggests, it includes two significant ranges of capabilities: web planning and web development. Web configuration decides the look and sense of a website, while web development decides its capabilities.

    Since there is not generally an establishment station that isolates the two jobs, the titles are constantly utilized again. As the Web keeps developing, so do the jobs.
    In the veritably long time since the primary website was made, various work titles have arisen to portray different ranges of capacities used to make a website, with new ones really coming out each year. These titles constantly cross over, and their counteraccusations change from one association to another. Sufficiently, it’s going to blow your mind.

    Website development process checklist

    1) Information gathering

    Set goals for the website

    Define the website's target audience

    2) Arranging

    Create a sitemap sketch.

    Create a wireframe/mock-up

    Select technology stack

    (Programming language, frameworks, CMS)

    3) Design

    Create colorful page layouts.

    Review the layouts

    Get client's feedback on the layouts

    Change the layout when required.

    4) Content Writing and Assembly

    create new content

    Get content ready for migration

    5) Testing, audit, and launch

    Test the newly created website.

    Upload the website to the server. Final regression testing and launch

    Website Development for Business

    The most effective system to begin a web design business:

    • Set up your workplace.
    • Construct your help crew.
    • Settle on your particulars, administrations, and estimating model.
    • Name your Web configuration association.
    • Compose your marketable strategy.
    • Address legal and executive prerequisites.
    • Make your recommendations and agreements.

    Web Development Lifecycle

    SEO vs SEM

    SEO vs SEM, Which Is Better For You?

    Do you want to rank your website to be at the top of google search results? 

    Want to generate leads for your business that actually gives conversions?

    Want long-term results?

    If you’ve answered the above question with “Yes”.

    Then surely SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help you out.

    Since it’s a difficult task to be ranked at the top because there is a lot of competition in the market.

    But nothing is impossible you’ve to keep patience while you’re optimizing your website.

    Let me show you my example to rank my agency website on top.


    Search engine optimization is an organic practice to rank your content on the search engine.

    And the main difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & (SEM) Search Engine Marketing is that SEM is a paid listing on the search engines.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    First, we’ll talk about SEO

    Some times ago or you can say before 10 years back,

    Only some people know about SEO & at that time it was easy to rank your content on the internet.

    Because at that time search engines were not so intelligent to recognize what is actually worthful.

    But now the time has changed now everyone wants to rank the website and content on the top result of the search engine.

    And it’s very difficult for search engines to find the accurate content to be ranked.

    That’s the main reason google changes its algorithm 200 times a year for ranking content.

    And that’s the main issue many marketers are always busy finding some tactics & tricks according to the Google algorithm.

    Now if you’re thinking it’s very difficult to rank on google?

    So the answer is “Yes”

    But if you’re giving some valuable content or a genuine one then these algorithms of google will work positively for you.

    See google wants to give the best experience to its users.

    And if you’re providing some great value then algorithms will try to rank you at the top instead of your competitors.

    But for that, you’ve to tell the search engine that you’re genuine.

    Then how you’ll do that.

    See SEO is basically divided into 3 categories

    • On-Page optimization 

    In this process, we basically optimize our content with the help of keywords on our website that do many small tasks like keyword research, keyword optimization, and content creation.

    • Off-Page Optimization

    This process includes all the work that has to be done on other websites like link building, local directories, listing. Many people try to do it to an extent that comes under spam & rank goes down. 


    • Technical SEO

    Basically covered structuring of your website. Your website speed, Indexing, security, and Crawlability. These are some technical terms you don’t have to worry about. If you know it that’s really great either you’ll use these terms in coming blogs or content.


    Basically, if you’ll work on SEO then you’ve a vision for long-term goals SEM is for the short term as soon as your ads stop your presence from google will also disappear.

    And the basic similarity in both strategies, that both work for the branding of businesses.


    SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

    Here are some opportunities for new startups businesses or the ones whose content does not rank on google.

    What will one do if SEO takes a lot of time to rank their content?

    Do either business owners have to wait until Google ranks their websites on the top?

    But always remember if you’re doing business then do it either you’ll get some opportunities or a lesson from what you’ve done.

    So don’t be afraid if you’re not ranking in the top results

    Till then I have a better solution for you. 

    You can choose search engine marketing for your business.

    I.e. basically google ads.

    The platform, that can give you a presence on the top results on the Google search engine.

    These results are also the same as the search organic results but have Ads extension included with search results.

    What you’ve to do?

    You’ve to find out keywords on which you want to show your ads to your audience.

    And the other important part, your audience.

    You’ve to define your audience’s interest, age, and the other user persona.

    So that your ads can be delivered to your audience.

    There is one good concept from google you’ll only get charged when someone clicks your ads means that you’ve to pay if someone clicks on your ads, 

    And if someone clicks then there are chances that you can get new customer leads or conversions.

    That’s the reason google ads are best because it comes under inbound marketing where customers search for you & if you’re having genuine services then customers can be easily convertible.

    It’s also very important to make understand that your ads are optimized so well,

    Because you’re not the only one who’s running campaigns already many competitors running their ads on google and generating great business in their field.

    So there is a need to fully optimize your ads.

    If you are thinking that if you’ll increase the amount of your campaign then it will work well.

    The answer is “No”.

    Yes, it can be one factor to improve the quality of your ads.

    But there are several other factors to increase quality.

    The simple formula to calculate Ads Rank = Quality Score * Bidding

    Quality score depends on your landing page quality.

    Bidding is the amount you’ll pay on a click.

    Depending on these factors your ads will be visible on the search engine.

    Let’s do some mathematics to understand more clearly.

    Suppose that you have a product on your website average amount of INR 500/-

    You ran a campaign with Max CPC (Cost Per Click) INR 1.00/- 

    But you got to click at INR 0.5/- Per Click

    Now you have a daily budget of amount INR 1000/- 

    Then per day visitors to your website = 0.5*1000 =500 (Visitors Per Day)

    Let’s suppose you got a conversion of 1% in the worst-case scenario.

    Means you got converted 5 people a day.

    ROI generated from Ads = 5 * 500= 2500/-

    Total amount spend = INR 1000/-

    Profit = INR 2500-1000/ = 1500/-

    It’s the case when you’ve only 1% conversion rate, If it will increase a little bit in the next month for suppose 2% then only google ads will help you out.

    This increment will depend on your services & product quality.

    You’ll have to keep track & optimize your ads regularly.

    It’s a simple example assumed with a small amount.

    You can increase according to your expectations.


    I hope this article has cleared your confusion between SEO & SEM.


    I knew to achieve it all you’ll need time but don’t worry if you want to learn it then join our tribe or if you have a business and you want to take it to the next level with online marketing then contact our agency CATnyx Digital Media.

    We’ll surely help you out.

    If you liked this article, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about it. Also share it with your friends who might find this useful.

    Why SEO is necessary for your business

    One cannot simply win and make it to the top of the google charts without shaking hands with SEO. People all around the world try to take their website at the top of the search engine rankings (like google, Bing, yahoo, etc.) with all of their efforts using SEO. SEO can be really helpful for every business out there. If we search anything on any search engine then we usually go to the first 3, 4 links only as we think that these are some credible websites to go for. In this blog, I will be sharing some important characteristics which help you to clear your thoughts about SEO.

    SEO as we all know is the abbreviation used for search engine optimization. It is basically of three types;

    White hat SEO– It is called white hat SEO as we move organically to rank up the website through On-Page and Off-Page techniques. On-page SEO consists of making your keyword optimization, page speed, content marketing, Image and video optimization with the implementation of great visuals. While on the other hand Off-page consist of a back supporting factor in the ranking of a website through Forums, blog commenting, bookmarking, infographic submission, directory building, and much more.

    Black Hat SEO– This technique is usually taken into considerance when we want to rank up our website fastly. But it’s not a sprint it is a marathon and we have to move gradually. It is usually considered as an ill-method or illegal method to incorporate and I suggest you do not spam on websites. Otherwise, your website comes under spam in google rankings.

    Grey Hat SEO– Grey hat= (White + Black) SEO. We usually incorporate this technology by going for the organic SEO with a mix of black hat SEO at regular intervals.

    At catnyx media, we always try to provide great value to our clients, and for this, we do not want to take any chance to lower their rankings on google. We always follow white hat SEO techniques and to boost your rankings we prefer advertisement rather than going for ay shortcuts like grey hat SEO. For us, value creation is always the priority and we can always help our clients in achieving what is best for them. We have a team of skilled professionals who are always ready to serve you. All the research has been done before the implementation of any SEO techniques to your business and with your involvement, all the work is been done. If you are one of those who want to rank on google we are one email away from you.


    It is said that being on the 1st page of Google can give you a lot of benefits. And yes it’s absolutely true Prince Multi-Car Service Center has been our client for the last 3 months. They had a multi car service center in Koparkhairane,Navi Mumbai and they wanted to become a leading service center in their locality. Although they were getting good local leads, their main target was to get more customers from outside their locality and make their website a one stop shop for all car-related solutions.

    A client wanted to rank on the first page of google for a few keywords and he approached us for the same, we analyzed the client website and then decided that it’s going to be a time taking project and will require a good amount of SEO work.

    After a detailed analysis of the situation we decided to start working on SEO. We decided to focus on a few keywords in which they found it hard to generate traffic, for example “BMW Car Repair in Navi Mumbai” or “BMW Specialist in Navi Mumbai”. We started writing articles about car services and delivered them as guest posts on some reputed blogs, which helped us to rank Prince Multi-Car Service Center better on search engine results.

    We analyzed the client website in detail, before starting SEO from our side, we made sure or understood that what kind of SEO technique is best suitable for the client website and which pages should we focus on.

    SEO Keyword Research

    We found some good keywords from the client website by using seo tools like SEMrush, Google keyword planner etc. We made a list of keywords that had low competition but high traffic volume so that we can rank on them easily.

    SEO On-Page Optimization After finding out some good keywords, we started working on the on-page optimization. We optimized the title tags, meta tags, H1 tags, ALT tags, bolding texts on all pages according to Google’s webmaster guidelines.

    On Page Link Building We did link building by creating quality content on different authority websites (Guest posting). We also created backlinks by submitting blog posts to different directories.

    After 2 months of this process, Prince Multi-Car Service Center is ranking on the 1st and 2nd page of Google Search Results. And by doing so they managed to get tons of enquiries from outside their locality and made their site a one stop shop for all car service solutions.”

    Our client was so happy with our seo services that he referred us to more of his friends, who are also now are our clients and they too are happy with our seo services

    Here is the list of the few keywords they ranked for:


    1. BMW Specialist in Navi Mumbai
    2. BMW Car Repair in Navi Mumbai
    3. Audi Mechanic in Navi Mumbai
    4. Best Audi Repair in Navi Mumbai
    5. Car Major Body Repair works in Navi Mumbai

     If you are someone who wants to grow your automobile industry then Catnyx is the right solution for you. Catnyx will help you to develop and expand your industry by providing the Best Digital Marketing Services at an affordable price tag.



    “N” number of thoughts flashes our mind when we hear the word digital marketing. Yes, I am not different from the masses. There are many subparts of digital marketing services that help us in performing and achieving the best for our business. SMM, SEO, SEM, SMO, etc. all come under digital marketing. Traditional marketing is way behind digital marketing because of many reasons as in traditional marketing we have little customer interaction, a huge budget for the offline campaign, difficulty in tracking insights of your business. In this blog, I will be sharing 7 ways digital marketing can help you in scaling up your business.

    Socialize your business

    Do make pages on various social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., and spend at least 3-4 months of regular content posting and engagement with the audience and make your business known to people. After you have a good audience base, don’t forget to run the advertisements. For advertisement, you can advertise your product service with catchy lines that help you get clients to your website, social media profile, or instant message system, from where they can buy your product or service instantly. You can deploy catynx to get the best social media optimization in Aligarh for your business services

    Track Your Insights

    Unlike traditional marketing where you are unaware of how many people have seen your advertisement in the newspaper in digital marketing service, it is possible to track the insights about age group, gender, demographics, name, etc. of the person that has shown interest in your product or service.


    Do incorporate a newsletter in your strategy to make a community involvement in your project. Make use of Mail chimp and constant contact etc. and provide the details about

    1. New products

    2. Upcoming events

    3. Weekly newsletters that help you to grab and convert prospects into customers.

    Personalize your brand.

    Make a website in such a manner that every customer thinks that he is alone in that environment. Make your product personalized enough that it connects right with your audience. This is done by digital marketing by showing your product to the only specific audience that has shown interest in a similar product or service or has bought in the recent past. Hence it becomes easy for you to sell out your product through digital means.

    Use SEO services

    SEO can take you and your digital marketing service business to places that you have never imagined. Do incorporate off-page activities in your business like forums, directories, infographics, profile creation and make your business credible amongst the google bots. Also maintain On-page elements to boost up your business scalability by meta keywords, landing page speed, mobile optimization elements, and much more. Both on-page and off-page SEO goes hand in hand and help you to achieve what is best for your business.

    Do collaboration

    Collaboration is helpful in many ways. When you collaborate with a similar business of your niche towards a similar situation that is affecting the audience by providing them the measures that can ease their issues then you become popular amongst the masses. Collaboration has many benefits like;

    1. It increases the credibility of your business amongst people as a digital marketing service.

    2. Helps you In getting the audience base of the person with whom you have done your collaboration.

    3. Increases your way of getting new clients.

    Collaboration should be done 2-4 times per month to gain more potential clients. Make sure that you do not surpass 5 collaborations per month otherwise, your audience base will not be able to recognize and get confused about which service you are in if you do more collaborations.

    Make use of video

    Video is more popular nowadays than reading. If you ask me, I’d prefer to watch a 10 minutes video rather than reading a whole page to learn any type of concept. That is why nowadays many platforms come with small videos as an option like reels on Instagram, MX taka tak, and tik tok, etc. The small videos help the customer to stick to the content and make them curious about the whole working of the product or service. For long tutorials, you can use the most famous platform YouTube for your digital marketing service. If you become successful in gaining an audience on YouTube then your business can fly high in no time.

    Look in digital marketing services. The product or service grows slowly and it will take lots of effort to grow your business. But, once it is grown you will not be able to hold the money that you are getting from it. Many people know about digital marketing but they won’t be able to succeed as they are not able to provide proper time and effort on their own.

    In my opinion, you should hire a professional digital marketing agency in Aligarh as CATnyx Digital Media  and let them do the work of SMO. As they have the best social media optimization services in Aligarh and provide professional growth strategies for your business. From website development to blog writing, from SEO to designing, and social media optimization in Aligarh they have it all with them. Make sure you only use the organic ways to grow through digital marketing and do not indulge in any i’ll practice to grow fast. As it is not a race it is a marathon and if you do use any false practices then it will be harmful to your own business. Always make sure you choose the right digital marketing service provider like CATnyx and indulge in your growth strategy so that your business can go to its peak in no time.