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How To Make More Business By Doing Less?

CATnyx in a collaboration with Khalid Khan Services, Bahrain helps clients by providing business consulting services i.e, Legal Services, Business & Financial Services, Personal Document Assistance, Educational Degrees, Travel, and Visa Services.

Mr Khalid Khan has more than 10 years’ experience in litigation and corporate sector while Mr Hamad Bushlaibi possess remarkable knowledge in litigation with specific focus on civil, labor, criminal, matrimonial, property and drugs related cases.

There are a lot of potential investors out there who are clueless about where to put their hard-earned money. Khalid Khan not only guide them, but also assist them to grab a deal which ultimately bring a good amount of profitable return to the investors.

Khalid Khan document advisory service is engaged in every aspect of the documentation industry including attestation and apostille, embassy errands etc. Reliability, speed and affordability are the keys feature of our document attestation service while maintaining the highest business standards.

  • Mark Sheet
  • Board Certificates
  • Diploma Certificates
  • Bachelor Degree Certificates
  • Master Degree Certificates
  • Provisional Certificates
  • Nursing Certificates
  • Transfer Certificates

  • Overseas ban issues
  • Visa assistance and extension
  • Visa rejection cases
  • Ticketing and sponsorship
  • Dependent and minor visa clearance
  • Study and work permit

  • Blacklist cases assistance
  • CPR assistance
  • Driving licence procurement
  • Vehicle registration assistance

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