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Website Designing

The Simple Web Designing & Dynamic Website That Wins Customers

Static Website

Static Website Designing involves most basic type of websites but with simple web programming and database design. Catnyx India Pvt. Ltd. provides static website designing services which is attractive and innovative. These static websites provides businesses to describe their company’s goals and objectives. We help you in planning, designing, and development of your business websites. The main purpose of creating static website designing services is to provide you with an online presence. This would help you to prepare a platform for your products and make your business real meaning. These static website designs did not need databases, e-commerce systems or extensive custom coding.


Dynamic  Website

Catnyx India Pvt. Ltd. are passionately involved in the development and designing of database focused dynamic websites with an impressive and interactive interface where making changes done on real time basis. Static websites are quickly getting out shined by dynamic websites mostly because of the numerous tools and choices available for development, customized as per the business needs. The best part about dynamic websites is that they can be effortlessly updated and maintained internally without the need to hire any professional for the job. However static websites can still prove useful for small businesses dealing with simple services.



Website Re-designing means redesigning an existing website. A poor website design can hurt conversions and sales? An unappealing site deserves a website redesign. No matter what your business or company size is, though, it’s crucial that you take a planned approach to your dynamic website redesign. A website must be designed professionally so that it is correctly optimized for the search engines, has a design to suit the content, is easy to use and navigate around and loads quickly so that the visitors don’t have to wait to view your web pages.



In this age of ever-growing competition, companies are changing their ways and means by which it increases the presence of their enterprise. One of the most important ways to do so is to create a website. This process of increasing customer base is mostly utilized by start-up companies. There are numerous such enterprises that look up to creating a website as a feasible alternative to placing high priced ads or other such ways of marketing.


E-Commerce Website

Our talented team of professionals has in-depth knowledge in building ecommerce portal development for all kind of business. By integrating Information Technology and E-commerce development, we prove our proficiency by providing customized ecommerce websites to transform your physical store to online.

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