Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads? Which is better for you?

One of the most frequent questions that most people asked me about google ads & Facebook ads which one is best for their business?

They’ve many perceptions in their minds.  

Some of them asked how many views I’ll get if I’ll spend Rupee 500/- a day on google in comparison with Facebook?

Many clients want direct conversion.

And till now what I’ve concluded that many people think that Google ads are costly in comparison to Facebook ads.

Let me give you a brief answer to this confusion.

According to my experience, both are good in their place.

And today this will become more clear.

Now let me tell you how?



First, we’ll talk about Facebook ads.

Before that, I have a question for you?

Why you’re using Facebook?

Many of you’ve many different reasons.

But the main reason is you’re using Facebook to get socially connect with your friends, relatives or getting entertainment.

But have you ever think why facebook giving you these all services at no cost means free?

What are its benefits?

See when you create your account on Facebook it’ll ask you about your age, gender, demographics, location, and much other information.

And this information helps Facebook to find out particular customers for its advertisers.

Actually, the main revenue generated from the advertisement.

And you’re are the audience.

Also, the audience size is limited on Facebook.

Means if you have targeted 25000 people interested in your services.

Then these are final for now.

They may increase after a month or in a year.

When you run ads on Facebook you’ll get an audience who might be interested in your product and services.

When you some offers or a new launch you can easily reach your target audience now it depends on your offers how much they’re attracting.

But the main issue, people come on Facebook to get entertainment.

And what you’re doing?

You’re trying to sell your product.

You can think like that,

If you’re going to a restaurant to get enjoy yourself with your friends, family to get some quality time.

And some salesmen with some products like pens, copy, comes to you for sale.

Maybe you’re interested to buy or you need that.

But at that time there is a low possibility that you’ll buy from that Salesman.

The same scenario you’ll see on Facebook.

You’ll get a good impression at a low cost.

People will see you. 

But most probably they’ll try to ignore you until you’ve something very worthful.

You can also get low CTR (Click Through Rate)

Due to the large audience size but the quality may be compromised.

Facebook ads are really good for starting for telling people about your products & services when people don’t know about you.

You can easily reach them by using Facebook ads.

Because it’s an outbound marketing that will refine your target customers from your target audience.


Google Ads


When you’ll talk about google one thing that people always keep in their mind.

“Google it.”

If you’re on google you’re genuine.

That’s a simple concept that almost having in their minds.

Its become a psychology of humans.

Here people are searching or looking for you.

And if you’re on the top then there is a higher chance that you’ll higher quality leads or business.

In google ads, you don’t have much information about your audience.

What you have?

You’ve Keywords.

You can target your audience on the basis of keywords they’re searching for.

And google give you a tool to find out keywords that your audience is searching in a month.

If we’ll talk about our example that we’ve discussed above.

Now the scenario is something different you’ve gone to a shop to purchase a pen & copy.

Now you have a clear idea that you’ll get a sales pitch from a salesman.

But you’ll listen to that with interest because you need it at this time.

And many chances that you’ll purchase it also.

So that the big difference between Google ads & Facebook ads.

Google ads are an inbound marketing part.

Because on google ads you’ll get quality leads.


The CTR (Click Through Rate) can be high.

But conversion is also high & quality.

People who have a misconception about google ads are costly but to be the true things are not like that.

If you have a higher CPC rate then you have higher conversion rates.

And you’ve to keep your focus on ROI (Return On Investment)

So, according to my experience both work well according to needs.

What you all need a strategy for your ads 

Until you don’t have a strategy.

Don’t waste your money by running ads.

You’ll need both in this journey of your business but what important are you’ve to find the right time to implement accordingly.

Now tell in the comment section what you’re planning to run Facebook ads or google ads?

Do you’ve any plans before campaigning?

Comment below 


Umair Riaz

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