How To Make A Brand For Your Business?

In this blog, I’ll tell you about my experience: How I was able to make other people’s business from scratch to brands.

 What mistakes did I make? 

What lessons to be learned from my mistakes? And how one makes their own brand.

When I start my own agency & start working for my clients, I always give preferences to clients who’ve brands already because at that period of time there is a dream to work on big projects that will give a great experience.

But the truth is something different.

When you started, you’re on the first chapter of your journey,

And what do we do?

We try to compare ourselves with ones who are already doing well in the market for the past many years.

We assumed that they were our competitors.

Have you ever thought that,

Is it really that they’re our competitors.

The answer is “No”

Then who are our competitors?

The one who started with you & doing well.

The same mistake I did,

I was trying to pitch clients who’ve already done so well.

And the result is I was getting failure again & again.

Because at that time I was not able to conclude why they will prefer my agency instead of others who’ve already had a team.

Then I found the problem in society with local businesses.

They’re not aware of these digital services & many people make misconceptions about services in their minds.

When I asked the question to any startup’s & local business, You’re investing such a great amount of banners, pamphlets, and other stuff, Why you’re not preferring digital services?

The simple & straight answer mostly I got “It needs a lot of investment and these types of services are only offered by big companies in Delhi, Bangalore, etc that take huge amounts”.

Then I decided to work with startups and growing companies at a reasonable price.

Basically, I decided that I’ll provide value & care for my clients first.

Because already many people are there in the market who’re providing these services.

How will I make our agency different from others?

By providing care.

And we did it. 

Then getting such a great response from my city Aligarh that we came on the top in the searching results of google as best digital marketing services in Aligarh

By creating many success stories.

What have we done?

We have divided our services into three categories.

Startup Starter Bundle

We have a Startup Starter Bundle Services

This package includes all the services i.e required by any startup business at a very reasonable price.

We’ve already delivered these packages services to many already existing clients services like a Digital Business Presentation in which we design a full presentation of startup business that you can share when some ask about your business it will give you value in the market & genuine leads to come on the conversion funnel.

The second service in this package is about Online Business Setup,

In this service, our expert team will make your business visible on all the platforms i.e. professionally optimized profiles on Google, Bing, Facebook business Page, Instagram Business Page, LinkedIn Business Page, Other Business Listing.

The third Service that includes in this package is Your One Page Website.

Yes! You’ll get a one-page website of your business that will make a good presence on google & a great impression in front of your clients. The page will include your services, business timings, a form that your customers will fill & you’ll get this information at your registered email address.

Basically, you can say your business presentation on google.

The fourth service in this package One Promotional Video,

You’ll get a professionally promotional video for your business representation that you can send your customer directly that gives your business animation view and increases your brand value.

This video includes content ideation, theming, voiceover, editing. 

The fifth service in this package includes Premium Listing To Direct Business

You’ll get listed on our website where we register our premium clients on that website that give the full description about your business to your customers and we offer blog services on this website to rank your business on the google. 

This is basically a Startup Starter Bundle required by any startup business and gives the great presence on the digital platforms. This is part where people start noticing you and your business they will try to interact with you now it’s your duty to respond to them with best and delivering quality is your first priority. This is the one time service that our team delivers within one week.

Get Register Your Business Now!

If you’ve already done with these above listing services then congratulations you’re applicable for the second stage for business growth.

Actually the main problem is people don’t know and they invest an amount in one go! that’s really not working on the digital platforms. You’ll have to make a proper strategy for your investment.

That gives your good ROI (Return On Investment) to your business.

Small Scale Business Package

Second Package for second stage of your business  “Small Scale Business Package

This package has services based on monthly plans.

First service that we preferred to your clients are Search Engine Optimization

With the help of search engine optimization we’ll optimize your website according to the keywords for example “Best Restaurant Near Me” we work on your website & make you visible on such types of keywords. It includes onpage, offpage, technical and other stuff like blog creation, submission.

It will take minimum 3- 6 months to rank your website according to the google algorithm and charges also depend on the keyword you’ll choose.

Branding Your Business With Social Media Management 

We manage your social media profile by providing unique idea for your business strategy 

to grow. We manage your brand with beautiful & standard designing posts every day so that your customers & clients get engaged with your brand daily. We post it on different platforms like facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter and many more.

Engaging New Customer With Campaigning On Google & Facebook

We make you visible to your interested customers either you’re new or old on any platform it doesn’t matter your customers will get started engaging with you & you can also convert them easily with the help of your sales funnel. These campaigns will depend on your daily budget. Some clients may’ve budget of INR 100/- per day or some may’ve 1000/- per day as if you increase your budget you’ll get more customers per day.

Content Creation With Optimization Of Keywords 

Our professional content writers create content for your website & your services related blog that will help you to rank on google with optimized keywords in your blog. As we all know content is the king but we say that quality is the King so we are here to give to quality in terms of content that is for humans not for robots.

The services that included in Small Scale Business Packages are monthly based services that you can opt when your business comeses on the path to give boost and you’re generating ROI from your business.

Yes! In the initial stage of campaigning, you can choose but as a funnel to engage your audience then you’ve to keep that audience engaging so that they can recommend to others also.

Premium Membership Yearly Package

Now the third package is for the development phase Premium Membership Yearly Package

This package includes your professional design website with your professional domain name with extension .com, .in, .co, depending on your choice. Fully secured website with SSL security, And your hosting (Storage) about 1GB (It may increase depending on your requirements).

These all services get renewed after one year of time period that comes under maintenance charge in which we also maintain your website and make you sure that your customers will get good experience with designing, speed, easy to use & get converted easily.

We make you serve in that way so that your customers can understand your concept & vision clearly.

Already there are many clients i.e national & international using these services to get higher ROI from there business. Before that they are investing but not getting results because they’re investing but without any strategy.

What you’ve to do?

You’ve to first make clear your vision for your dreams.

You’ve to think in which phase your business is going on.

If you’re in the initial stage don’t make so much high jump, there is a big risk of falling down.

Take a small baby step when you’ve started.

And starting is something important that you’ve already done.

And that’s the reason you’re different from others.

You’re an action taker, not only a thinker.

If you’ve team that’s really great but if you need our help our team will help you out to make your digital presence from scratch to brand.

We’re saying this because we’ve already done this work with many startups and now they’re doing streamly great in their field.

So, Mail us at

And visit our website:

Our executives will help you.


Umair Riaz

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