Search Engine Optimization

Idea of Search Engine Optimisation That Can Give You The Most Expected Results

Fed up with the less viewership on your YouTube channel?

Anguished with the less traffic of visitors on your website ?

Leave aside all your worries because nothing comes with no solution and in this technology dominated world everything turns up to be as easy as dreaming…..

Here is the idea of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION ( SEO ) that can give you the most expected results.


Let this be explained with an example. Suppose you have created a YouTube channel or developed a website. You bring your content on that platform . Now , the question arises that how will you make your content accessible to viewers all around on the internet ? How will people view your channel or visit your website ?

Forget about the expensive and not much result giving options like spamming whatsapp and facebook groups and pleading people to see your work or moving to creating ads on YouTube to get viewership……The best way so far is an ORGANIC SEARCH that can get you a million viewership and that too free of cost . Amazed ?

What do normal people like you and me search for . We go to search engines like Yahoo , Google , Bing and type in our keyword ( what we are actually searching for) . Engines offer many pages to have a look at. While some pages rank 1st on the list some are at last. Human nature we have . We click on the first webpage that is shown. Here the work of SEO comes into limelight. How to optimize the website we have created so that it appears on the top of searches. How to get traffic on our own website when all over the world keyword is typed. That is here…..

Search Engine Optimization is to give ranking to your website on search engines. It is the system of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of the website to viewers. The principle behind the working of any search engine is that these engines have creepers that go out and collect information about all the content on the internet. These creepers return with loads of all information that they gather to the engine and build an index. That index is given an algorithm that tries to bring in data in front of all the searches. There are certain elements that are a sort of criteria for a good optimization. The first one is WORDS – Every single word on web counts. The second is PAGE TITLES – Search engines pay a lot of attention to these coded forms because they give the crux of the page. Third, are the LINKS that are established between various websites which is a recommendation. The more the links more are the optimization. Thus optimization can take many shapes. It is everything from titles and descriptions should be informative to the right length of pointing internal links.


All the content creators are in the race to gain maximum users or viewers. Search Engine Optimization leads to a better user experience by providing audience with all the relavant information they search for. This leads to more useful clicks and better recalls. Search engines look for this.

Statistics show that an average of 14.6% close rate is achieved from SEO leads compared to 1.7% close leads from outbound leads.

SEO promotes better cost management because it lowers advertising costs. When a website is already in top ranking there is no need to pay per click or advertise page.

Search Engine Optimization creates brand awareness by ensuring that a product is easily found by search engines sites through organic and regular search.

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