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Online Small Business Case Study 3 | 17 लाख का नुकसान | Edtech Startup

If I ask you a question do you need money for running a business…

Most people will answer “Yes”.

But let me tell you only money is not the solution…

In the below video, I explained how one Edtech startup got failed while having a good amount of investment.

I categorize the steps of the startup into 3 parts:

  • What they’re trying to do?
  • What they’ve done?
  • Why did they got failed?

Might be now you’re thinking that they’ve made some mistakes,

Yes, you’re right “absolutely”,

We all make mistakes while doing new things but learning from them is the hack.

But believe me, many of us also make the same mistakes & we put credit on others for our failure. 

So, watch this video & comment in the below section on what learning you got from these mistakes…

What will your suggestion for these kinds of mistakes?

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