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Online Small Business Case Study | During Trip | Mussoorie

If you’re doing any startup or small business & not getting the way to get new customers,

Then read this blog till the end,

Because it’s a case study when I was traveling from Noida To Dehradoon for Business Meeting.
In between got a call from an unknown number…

One person called me and asked is this Catnyx Digital Media?

I replied: “Yes”.

Client revert: Sir Please let me know what is the charges for website development?

I replied: What is your issue website or growth?

Client revert: Don’t know but I’m getting results…

Then this conversation goes on till 55 Minutes

At that time, I understand all the issues & challenges that person facing.

Actually, I told him we don’t build a website that’s gone to be dead with no traffic.

We help you with a proven strategic plan that helps you to get a business not only the website that you’re looking for…

And let me tell you,

When I got free, I tried to share that experience with you so that you can handle your business issues easily.

For that reason, I shoot this video to make you understand some major issues while doing business.

Let me know in the comment section what type of issues you’re facing?

Watch the full video below

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