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Ever thought of something static and dynamic outside the domain of physics (back to class 9th physics ).Well!!! Their is this thing with websites too.

Static and Dynamic are told purely on the basis of website content- static content or dynamic content. In a static website , one does not have an option to change the content of the website like photos , videos and texts etc. It is the same content that emerged during the website launch that will remain unchanged forever unless a developer  does not intervene to change it from time to time .In case of a dynamic website , one can change photos , videos and texts by ownself at any instant of time. This requires  a panel to be logged in with a password and update all the content.


A static website is any site that has fixed or stagnant content usually written in html code .Every page will have a code written separately. Every page is saved separately on the server. Changes are to be made manually everytime which requires coding knowledge.It is easy and cheap to develop. But web development expertise is required to update the site and the changes can be time consuming. Content can get stagnant since it is hard to update.

Entering into another polar version , a dynamic website is a site whose construction is controlled by an application server processed by server side scripts. It means that in a dynamic website, pages of the website are not coded and saved separately. The template files are saved separately and govern the look and feel of the website. The corresponding content for a specific page are saved separately in databases .The pages are dynamically populated every time. It is easier to manage since everything is in one’s own hands. Dynamic websites are functional and have systems to allow staff or users to collaborate. Some cons are even to the dynamic website such as it is expensive and slower  to develop and hosting costs a little more.

FACEBOOK , TWITTER , INSTAGRAM , G MAIL , FLIPKART………..All that are on your fingertips these days are examples of dynamic websites.

For those who see their future in web developing , website designing is the tool .


To design a dynamic webpage , its template or front- end needs to be created first using HTML or CSS or even JAVASCRIPT. The content for the templates is stored in databases. In order to retrieve that data or content , one needs to know a programming language called SQL (STRUCTURED QUERY LANGUAGE ). The content from the database that is to be picked and displayed is a choosy task that needs a logic to be learnt. The logic is written in a programming language called SSS (SERVER SIDE SCRIPTS). Examples of SSS are GO , PERL , PYTHON etc

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