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Choices & preference of customers or clients are changing rapidly, considering the global trends & technologies being backed up by data analytics, research & marketing strategies. A drastic shift from physical buying / interaction to digital operations /e-commerce buying has been observed.

Digital catnyx, since it’s inception in 2018,has been providing value added services to its clients through exceptional marketing strategies, web development & web hosting services, data analytics, web analytics, digital display advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), & much more. Digital marketing encompasses a mixture of technology, tools, research, analysis & most importantly- content.

Quality content is the core of digital marketing that helps clients to achieve the goals of utmost importance:

  • Increase sales
  • Customer loyalty
  • Cost savings

Now, what content is required is the real deal. Hours of innovation, then building an idea around that innovation & meeting actual client requirements, laying down all the content required from website to blogs, to pictures, videos, animations and much more. Anything aimed at driving customer inclination towards a brand, or a product constitutes the real content.

Lockdown has seriously changed the whole landscape of digital marketing, making it more powerful than ever. Online communications has registered a remarkable increase persuading businesses & marketers to dig deep into the treasure of digital marketing, it’s aspects & the realm of productive possibilities that can be explored.

Localised lockdowns have stiffened the competition more.

According to the reports:

•Better content can drive traffic to a blog by up to 2,000%.

•Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising and it costs 62% less than traditional marketing.

•Digital marketing software is projected to total more than $43.8 billion in 2019 with expected revenue at $65.9 billion for mobile ads alone.

•This only goes on to show the importance of channels like social media, content, SEO, video, and more.

To take an insight into how an efficient & structured approach

to digital marketing can entirely transform business operations & optimize its productivity, let us consider the case study of our recent client SKIL classes.

A NEET/IIT-JEE coaching in Aligarh, hardly hit by covid-19 & consequent lockdown phases was struggling to keep the business alive.


Considering the statistics below:

Before launching the campaigns by CATnyx digital, the user/new student graph of SKIL classes has a stable low running slope that is undefined. After launching the campaigns, the influx of new users can be easily seen, constructing an accelerating slope; increased sessions & ample session durations i. e., the average time spent by a user on your page. The declining slope however marks the calling off our campaigns.

Now coming to new visitors & returning visitors, definitely gained after launching the campaigns,

User Data

About 39.9% of new users, rounding off to 40% are returning visitors to the site. That’s huge, considering that campaigns were called off after the client’s request pertaining to an influx of new users which were hard to manage.

Another eye catching aspect is social media marketing.  Apps and websites use Facebook 53.1% of the time for social login opportunities, making it easier for consumers to sign-up for products or services.

Now coming to the case of our client, SKIL classes, we have generated a chatbot in Facebook to readily reply to the consumer.


Social media has emerged as a great way to engage customers, providing it encompasses the largest community of users.

Advertising campaigns on social media is crucial to content marketing strategies.

And now lastly considering the payments section.

Recent payment

Now, the interval of payments can really be seen, roughly each payment on an average hourly basis or even less than that. That’s the magic of digital advertising & of course the advertising agency,  that is CATnyx digital media.   

Every data cannot make up to this blog, for sure, prioritizing private contract agreements.

In nutshell, digital marketing is the need of the hour where branding & marketing efforts are cutting across all barriers, trying to establish their reach everywhere.

But one should know, that digital marketing is just a cloud of diverse domains that requires a great deal of analysis & skills to carve the most creative outlines & innovations for the required niche.

CATnyx digital media offers a complete range of digital marketing solutions & web development services aimed at enhancing the brand awareness , increasing productivity & sales, efficient customer engagement, increased customer base, hence resulting in brand loyalty & much more.

Content is the king & the requirement of king makers is growing more than ever. And we deliver you the content.

And what makes us different is our unique research & marketing strategies, from organic search engine optimization to lead generation through campaigns, we are competing well enough to be in the race of global digital marketing agency.

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