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Small Business Marketing | Real Life Experience | Let’s Go Digital

Small Business Marketing this term itself tells about the new venture with limited budgets.
And mostly if someone makes mistakes in the starting,
Then chances come where business failure comes.
But this can be a cover-up if you can learn from the mistakes of the other.

In this blog, I’ve shared my real business experience.
Failure of Business A.
And How Business B Uses Clever marketing Strategy to overcome the competition.

I’ve shared the full case study.

In which you’ll get learn about the mistakes that people ignore while doing business.

For that, I’ve shared a Youtube video link below.

But if you’re a business owner then please start to check your business either you’re also not making the same mistakes.


Clever Strategy = Smart Strategy.


Smart people are always in the process to develop something new or at least they’re aware of what’s going on in the market.

If you’ll not work according to the trends of marketing then maybe today you’re doing great but tomorrow smart people will take over you.


So, before starting your small business marketing, please mention your comments on what mistakes you’re doing & now what your plans to make them correct.

Thanks & Regards 
Umair Riaz

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