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Online Small Business Case Study 3 | 17 लाख का नुकसान | Edtech Startup

If I ask you a question do you need money for running a business…

Most people will answer “Yes”.

But let me tell you only money is not the solution…

In the below video, I explained how one Edtech startup got failed while having a good amount of investment.

I categorize the steps of the startup into 3 parts:

  • What they’re trying to do?
  • What they’ve done?
  • Why did they got failed?

Might be now you’re thinking that they’ve made some mistakes,

Yes, you’re right “absolutely”,

We all make mistakes while doing new things but learning from them is the hack.

But believe me, many of us also make the same mistakes & we put credit on others for our failure. 

So, watch this video & comment in the below section on what learning you got from these mistakes…

What will your suggestion for these kinds of mistakes?

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Small Business Marketing | Real Life Experience | Let’s Go Digital:


Your Business Needs Visibility

It’s Important To Visible On SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

Are you a content writer?

Who always writes meaningful…

Are you a business owner with better services & products than other competitors?

Are you a video creator who daily shoots new ideas with a lot of efforts?

But you’re facing the issue of not getting the right audience to read your content, to take your product or service, or to watch your videos…

So, let me tell you the issue.

“You’re Not Visible”

Trust me! That’s really important.

Your competitors are visible they have low-quality content, services, products, etc…

But they are getting traffic.

Now let me tell you why?

Because “They are optimized w.r.t. Search Engine ” 

Optimization means you’ve to tell the Search Engine about your product, services, content, etc…

No matter how much good quality content you’ve written, 

No matter how much value you’re trying to give your customers.

But sorry If you’ll not give your time to tell that to search engine also,
Then Search Engines will not understand your content, product, or services.

Search Engines will always have doubts to rank your content, 

It may rank also, 

On the basis of likes, comments, views, etc

But only this much is not enough for optimization.

You need more than that.

Let me show you one example

serp results

This is the Youtube video I posted yesterday,

And trust me,

The time I took to shoot this video & edit it.

The more time I take to optimize it.

And the result is in front of you.

That much important to have optimization.

If you are not visible to your audience then you’re losing opportunities on the daily basis.

Just comment below what actual issue you’re facing?


Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing | Real Life Experience | Let’s Go Digital

Small Business Marketing this term itself tells about the new venture with limited budgets.
And mostly if someone makes mistakes in the starting,
Then chances come where business failure comes.
But this can be a cover-up if you can learn from the mistakes of the other.

In this blog, I’ve shared my real business experience.
Failure of Business A.
And How Business B Uses Clever marketing Strategy to overcome the competition.

I’ve shared the full case study.

In which you’ll get learn about the mistakes that people ignore while doing business.

For that, I’ve shared a Youtube video link below.

But if you’re a business owner then please start to check your business either you’re also not making the same mistakes.


Clever Strategy = Smart Strategy.


Smart people are always in the process to develop something new or at least they’re aware of what’s going on in the market.

If you’ll not work according to the trends of marketing then maybe today you’re doing great but tomorrow smart people will take over you.


So, before starting your small business marketing, please mention your comments on what mistakes you’re doing & now what your plans to make them correct.

Thanks & Regards 
Umair Riaz

digital marketing golden rule

Golden Rule Of Digital Marketing

Maybe many of you’re thinking,

That I’ll tell you about some pillars of digital marketing,

I.e content, communication, community, etc.

Well, No!

What I’ll tell you about what I’ve experienced in this field of digital marketing.

Since I’ve done a lot of work for my clients & startups.

I’ll share What I feel. 

The golden rules for digital marketing. 

Okay, let me give you a quick answer.

This rule is for generating more & more sales.

Now if you’re thinking about Ads, SEO, etc

These can be the entry pass generating sales.

Okay! Let me ask you one question?

What do you think?

Which is an important part of the sales funnels?




Different people may have different opinions.

I knew.

Some are thinking about awareness as an important part,

Or it may be interesting.

But let me tell you the truth!

Important is Decision!


Because in this stage your customer is nearly to convert.


Let’s suppose that you’ve got a store.

It may be online or offline.

You’ve run a marketing campaign.

And for assumption approx 1000 people leads visiting your store in a day.

Now! In the worst scenario,

10 person is purchasing your product.

This means you’re getting a 1% conversion.

Cost per lead assumes that rupee 30/-

Total spend in marketing budget 30000/-

You’re spending about 30/- rupees for visiting one person in your store.

Now, What golden rule says?

If you’ll focus on the Decision part then this conversion of 1% can increase to 2%.

Suppose if you’ve acquired this.

Now, how many leads you want?

Only 500 leads.

Now the conversion is 2%.

The cost per lead is the same rupee 30/-

Total sales = 10 (same as above).

But, the marketing budget will be changed.

Doing some maths.

Multiplying 30*500 =  15,000/-

Totally half the budget that we’ve assumed above.

And think about what will happen when you’re able to increase it to 5%- 10%.

You’ll definitely hack the sales.

Now, the point is how to increase this conversion percentage.

Don’t worry! I’ll tell you,

There are many methods to increase the conversion ratio.

One of the important is email marketing,

But it also depends on some factors.

Means in India there are low opening rates of mails in comparison to the USA.

In our country, there is about a 90% opening rate of WhatsApp messages.

And only about 10% of mail opening rates.

So, what I preferred the most is Remarketing.

The most important & worthful for increasing conversion rates.

It may be through retargeting ads,

Tele calling, 

Text Message,

Whatever you like you can proceed with.

It gives the actual conversion.

Hope you got my point.

If you’ve any doubt comment below.


Umair Riaz


SEO vs SEM, Which Is Better For You?

Do you want to rank your website to be at the top of google search results? 

Want to generate leads for your business that actually gives conversions?

Want long-term results?

If you’ve answered the above question with “Yes”.

Then surely SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help you out.

Since it’s a difficult task to be ranked at the top because there is a lot of competition in the market.

But nothing is impossible you’ve to keep patience while you’re optimizing your website.

Let me show you my example to rank my agency website on top.


Search engine optimization is an organic practice to rank your content on the search engine.

And the main difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & (SEM) Search Engine Marketing is that SEM is a paid listing on the search engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

First, we’ll talk about SEO

Some times ago or you can say before 10 years back,

Only some people know about SEO & at that time it was easy to rank your content on the internet.

Because at that time search engines were not so intelligent to recognize what is actually worthful.

But now the time has changed now everyone wants to rank the website and content on the top result of the search engine.

And it’s very difficult for search engines to find the accurate content to be ranked.

That’s the main reason google changes its algorithm 200 times a year for ranking content.

And that’s the main issue many marketers are always busy finding some tactics & tricks according to the Google algorithm.

Now if you’re thinking it’s very difficult to rank on google?

So the answer is “Yes”

But if you’re giving some valuable content or a genuine one then these algorithms of google will work positively for you.

See google wants to give the best experience to its users.

And if you’re providing some great value then algorithms will try to rank you at the top instead of your competitors.

But for that, you’ve to tell the search engine that you’re genuine.

Then how you’ll do that.

See SEO is basically divided into 3 categories

  • On-Page optimization 

In this process, we basically optimize our content with the help of keywords on our website that do many small tasks like keyword research, keyword optimization, and content creation.

  • Off-Page Optimization

This process includes all the work that has to be done on other websites like link building, local directories, listing. Many people try to do it to an extent that comes under spam & rank goes down. 


  • Technical SEO

Basically covered structuring of your website. Your website speed, Indexing, security, and Crawlability. These are some technical terms you don’t have to worry about. If you know it that’s really great either you’ll use these terms in coming blogs or content.


Basically, if you’ll work on SEO then you’ve a vision for long-term goals SEM is for the short term as soon as your ads stop your presence from google will also disappear.

And the basic similarity in both strategies, that both work for the branding of businesses.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Here are some opportunities for new startups businesses or the ones whose content does not rank on google.

What will one do if SEO takes a lot of time to rank their content?

Do either business owners have to wait until Google ranks their websites on the top?

But always remember if you’re doing business then do it either you’ll get some opportunities or a lesson from what you’ve done.

So don’t be afraid if you’re not ranking in the top results

Till then I have a better solution for you. 

You can choose search engine marketing for your business.

I.e. basically google ads.

The platform, that can give you a presence on the top results on the Google search engine.

These results are also the same as the search organic results but have Ads extension included with search results.

What you’ve to do?

You’ve to find out keywords on which you want to show your ads to your audience.

And the other important part, your audience.

You’ve to define your audience’s interest, age, and the other user persona.

So that your ads can be delivered to your audience.

There is one good concept from google you’ll only get charged when someone clicks your ads means that you’ve to pay if someone clicks on your ads, 

And if someone clicks then there are chances that you can get new customer leads or conversions.

That’s the reason google ads are best because it comes under inbound marketing where customers search for you & if you’re having genuine services then customers can be easily convertible.

It’s also very important to make understand that your ads are optimized so well,

Because you’re not the only one who’s running campaigns already many competitors running their ads on google and generating great business in their field.

So there is a need to fully optimize your ads.

If you are thinking that if you’ll increase the amount of your campaign then it will work well.

The answer is “No”.

Yes, it can be one factor to improve the quality of your ads.

But there are several other factors to increase quality.

The simple formula to calculate Ads Rank = Quality Score * Bidding

Quality score depends on your landing page quality.

Bidding is the amount you’ll pay on a click.

Depending on these factors your ads will be visible on the search engine.

Let’s do some mathematics to understand more clearly.

Suppose that you have a product on your website average amount of INR 500/-

You ran a campaign with Max CPC (Cost Per Click) INR 1.00/- 

But you got to click at INR 0.5/- Per Click

Now you have a daily budget of amount INR 1000/- 

Then per day visitors to your website = 0.5*1000 =500 (Visitors Per Day)

Let’s suppose you got a conversion of 1% in the worst-case scenario.

Means you got converted 5 people a day.

ROI generated from Ads = 5 * 500= 2500/-

Total amount spend = INR 1000/-

Profit = INR 2500-1000/ = 1500/-

It’s the case when you’ve only 1% conversion rate, If it will increase a little bit in the next month for suppose 2% then only google ads will help you out.

This increment will depend on your services & product quality.

You’ll have to keep track & optimize your ads regularly.

It’s a simple example assumed with a small amount.

You can increase according to your expectations.


I hope this article has cleared your confusion between SEO & SEM.


I knew to achieve it all you’ll need time but don’t worry if you want to learn it then join our tribe or if you have a business and you want to take it to the next level with online marketing then contact our agency CATnyx Digital Media.

We’ll surely help you out.

If you liked this article, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about it. Also share it with your friends who might find this useful.