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Online Small Business Case Study 3 | 17 लाख का नुकसान | Edtech Startup

If I ask you a question do you need money for running a business…

Most people will answer “Yes”.

But let me tell you only money is not the solution…

In the below video, I explained how one Edtech startup got failed while having a good amount of investment.

I categorize the steps of the startup into 3 parts:

  • What they’re trying to do?
  • What they’ve done?
  • Why did they got failed?

Might be now you’re thinking that they’ve made some mistakes,

Yes, you’re right “absolutely”,

We all make mistakes while doing new things but learning from them is the hack.

But believe me, many of us also make the same mistakes & we put credit on others for our failure. 

So, watch this video & comment in the below section on what learning you got from these mistakes…

What will your suggestion for these kinds of mistakes?

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Your Business Needs Visibility

It’s Important To Visible On SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

Are you a content writer?

Who always writes meaningful…

Are you a business owner with better services & products than other competitors?

Are you a video creator who daily shoots new ideas with a lot of efforts?

But you’re facing the issue of not getting the right audience to read your content, to take your product or service, or to watch your videos…

So, let me tell you the issue.

“You’re Not Visible”

Trust me! That’s really important.

Your competitors are visible they have low-quality content, services, products, etc…

But they are getting traffic.

Now let me tell you why?

Because “They are optimized w.r.t. Search Engine ” 

Optimization means you’ve to tell the Search Engine about your product, services, content, etc…

No matter how much good quality content you’ve written, 

No matter how much value you’re trying to give your customers.

But sorry If you’ll not give your time to tell that to search engine also,
Then Search Engines will not understand your content, product, or services.

Search Engines will always have doubts to rank your content, 

It may rank also, 

On the basis of likes, comments, views, etc

But only this much is not enough for optimization.

You need more than that.

Let me show you one example

serp results

This is the Youtube video I posted yesterday,

And trust me,

The time I took to shoot this video & edit it.

The more time I take to optimize it.

And the result is in front of you.

That much important to have optimization.

If you are not visible to your audience then you’re losing opportunities on the daily basis.

Just comment below what actual issue you’re facing?


Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing | Real Life Experience | Let’s Go Digital

Small Business Marketing this term itself tells about the new venture with limited budgets.
And mostly if someone makes mistakes in the starting,
Then chances come where business failure comes.
But this can be a cover-up if you can learn from the mistakes of the other.

In this blog, I’ve shared my real business experience.
Failure of Business A.
And How Business B Uses Clever marketing Strategy to overcome the competition.

I’ve shared the full case study.

In which you’ll get learn about the mistakes that people ignore while doing business.

For that, I’ve shared a Youtube video link below.

But if you’re a business owner then please start to check your business either you’re also not making the same mistakes.


Clever Strategy = Smart Strategy.


Smart people are always in the process to develop something new or at least they’re aware of what’s going on in the market.

If you’ll not work according to the trends of marketing then maybe today you’re doing great but tomorrow smart people will take over you.


So, before starting your small business marketing, please mention your comments on what mistakes you’re doing & now what your plans to make them correct.

Thanks & Regards 
Umair Riaz