Want to Startup Business with Zero Investment?

Want to Startup Business with Zero Investment?

It took 100 years for a telephone to reach everyone, but mobile can reach in 40 years and mobile with the internet can reach in 1 year to everyone.
When someone asks me about “how to startup business with low or no investment?”
My simple answer to those people
“Please Get A Job”.
If you ask most of the successful entrepreneurs about business
I have many time seen that most of them says…
“We have started from Zero”
Zero investment is not the main reason for the success of any entrepreneur.
Worst Case:
Many people think by giving higher discounts they can get customers.
Let just wait or fast forward six months.
You will Fail
I understand you have seen many times well-developed companies giving high discounts to there customers and they are success
But, the main point is that they are developed and you are a startup…
Reality says high discounts lead the customer to fail to know your worth.
Yeah of course!!
You can sell your product and services at a reasonable price by finding out who the real customer is?
Best Case:
When you are thinking about to start with Zero or how do I do it without no money?
Right you are absolutely thinking wrong things
It is possible
You need to think about your customers.
After planning your business what you will do for them to make their life easier? More energetic, More successful?
There is no investment problem to solve this problem.
When you will get at the point where all problems will be solved.
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6 thoughts on “Want to Startup Business with Zero Investment?”

  1. I just want to say that you started with suggesting how a person can startup with no investment and ended up telling about the customers, instead can you please suggest ways in which one can startup with zero investment? And after that how can your company help in doing so!

    1. In our article, We have specified that investment is the secondary part that leads to stop people from starting a business. The main part of starting a business is to think about your customer needs? If you are able to fill them without investing (Example: providing online services from home may not lead to investing and if the services are good enough then your startup business may convert into successful).
      Our company CATnyx India Pvt. Ltd. offers services for any startup or a developing business to make their online presence in the market by providing Digital Marketing services according to there business needs and make that business from scratch into a brand.

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