Why SEO is necessary for your business

One cannot simply win and make it to the top of the google charts without shaking hands with SEO. People all around the world try to take their website at the top of the search engine rankings (like google, Bing, yahoo, etc.) with all of their efforts using SEO. SEO can be really helpful for every business out there. If we search anything on any search engine then we usually go to the first 3, 4 links only as we think that these are some credible websites to go for. In this blog, I will be sharing some important characteristics which help you to clear your thoughts about SEO.

SEO as we all know is the abbreviation used for search engine optimization. It is basically of three types;

White hat SEO– It is called white hat SEO as we move organically to rank up the website through On-Page and Off-Page techniques. On-page SEO consists of making your keyword optimization, page speed, content marketing, Image and video optimization with the implementation of great visuals. While on the other hand Off-page consist of a back supporting factor in the ranking of a website through Forums, blog commenting, bookmarking, infographic submission, directory building, and much more.

Black Hat SEO– This technique is usually taken into considerance when we want to rank up our website fastly. But it’s not a sprint it is a marathon and we have to move gradually. It is usually considered as an ill-method or illegal method to incorporate and I suggest you do not spam on websites. Otherwise, your website comes under spam in google rankings.

Grey Hat SEO– Grey hat= (White + Black) SEO. We usually incorporate this technology by going for the organic SEO with a mix of black hat SEO at regular intervals.

At catnyx media, we always try to provide great value to our clients, and for this, we do not want to take any chance to lower their rankings on google. We always follow white hat SEO techniques and to boost your rankings we prefer advertisement rather than going for ay shortcuts like grey hat SEO. For us, value creation is always the priority and we can always help our clients in achieving what is best for them. We have a team of skilled professionals who are always ready to serve you. All the research has been done before the implementation of any SEO techniques to your business and with your involvement, all the work is been done. If you are one of those who want to rank on google we are one email away from you.

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